The Lab Studio TV © 2012

As a performer and writer of contemporary music, my interest in music recording runs deep. In early 2011, I set out on my artistic road of becoming a full-time musician. As a result of extensive songwriting, ‘song learning’ and performing I started building a studio which in time became the Lab.

The studio became my personal breeding ground for creativity. Whether wrangling notes from my Schecter, or programming and tweaking synthesizers and shaping every nuance of every note, the laboratory was built to embrace the 21st century.

In particular, it embraced the art of sound as it stands in the 21st century. Again, this at times refers to the traditional approach of capturing a great performance as transparently as possible, or, at times, it means manipulating all-digital compositions composed ‘in the box’.

Guided by my muse, I have set out on the road of a freelance composer with my focus on writing soundtrack or instrumental music. This is how I started out in 1994 and represents the circle complete.

So whether in a performance hat, producer hat or composer hat, the aim remains the same: produce quality music.

Emil Nysschens

May 2013